CyborgOrg: Introduction

Why CyborgOrg: From Systems Psychodynamics to Network Cyberdynamics

CyborgOrg is a blog exploring the ways that the human and the technological interact in contemporary organizational life.  The cyborg organization is emerging at a time when categories like the individual, groups and systems can no longer make sense of the experience of collectives.  Our experience of ourselves and others is mediated by our experiences in networks, on media, and colonized by our connective technologies.   In an era when being human means connecting in virtual environments, communities, workplaces, economies, and media, we need to update our way of thinking organizationally.  This blog aims to explore how a systems psychodynamic approach to our organizational life might be updated: specifically, how networks overwrite traditional open systems theories, and how emerging cyberdynamics co-exist alongside traditional psychodynamics.  It is, in other words, an exploration of the unconscious of the cyborg collective.


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